1st Catisfield Scout Group Data Policy

Tuesday 22nd May

In line with data protection requirements, 1st Catisfield Scout Group has a responsibility to hold and manage data of its members in a manner that is compliant with UK law. As per all other organisations. we maintain computer records and paper records of their members or beneficiaries. We are legally obliged to consider why we keep the data, that it only be used with consent of the person in the way(s) agreed and that it is kept secure and private. To achieve this, we maintain our data against the following principles:

  • Personal data must always be processed fairly, handled for intended purpose and only in ways that an individual would reasonably expect. Obtain and keep record of consent.
  • Don’t download data to laptops or pen drives without password encryption
  • Don’t send data files by email unless absolutely necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality on need to know basis
  • Train all staff, including volunteers, and obtain confidentiality agreement
  • Delete or destroy securely when no longer required

To achieve compliance with our stated principles, we will operate in the following manner:
  • We will seek positive consent from our members before recording any personal information
  • We will maintain data relating to our members and other beneficiaries using The Scout Association Compass system and Online Scout Manager, with retention of paper records only being maintained where a physical signature or other manual record is required
  • We will only print records where this is operationally required, and will ensure that any paper records are destroyed within 24 hours of completion of the requirement
  • Any paper records that cease to be required will be destroyed in a manner that makes them unusable
  • Retained printed records will be held securely
  • All records will be reviewed, and any members that leave will be removed within 30 days of leaving

This page last modified: 29/04/18