Active Support

Monday 15 April

Active Support is for those people who wish to remain affiliated to the Scout movement but are over age 25.

Active Support is a group of adults who have one thing in common a wish to support Scouting.

Active Support welcomes adults of all ages, interests and backgrounds. There is no need to have been involved in Scouting or Guiding before, all that is required is a willingness to give some of your time to Scouting. In return you will make friends and be able to join with others doing whatever you decide. Active Support has its own social and activity programme.

The aim of the Active Support is "Providing Active Support", with the emphasis being very much on supporting the youth programme in an active manner, at all levels of the Association from the local Scout Group to National level.

So what do we mean by "Active Support" ?

Active Support encompasses the talents of the Scout Fellowship of all ages and abilities, whether it is physical, mental, geared to a particular technical skill or general support. It could be as a badge examiner, a mentor to new leaders, catering for courses, running pioneering courses, assisting with hill walking, rock climbing etc. We all have something to offer as far as supporting Scouting is concerned whatever our age or ability.

Contact Active Support via the Fareham East District Scouts website.

This page last modified 04/12/22